Tracia Larimer
Mortgage Broker 

NMLS# 1507306

Bend, Oregon

Azara Mortage, LLC
A Larger Toolbox Gives Me More Ways To Say "YES"!
Why Work with a Mortgage Broker
“How can you help me when XYZ Bank denied my loan application?” People often ask me.
Each bank differs in how they underwrite your loan. This is because they superimpose their own standards of what’s acceptable to them in addition to the program guidelines for the particular program you the borrower have applied for.

Let’s say ABC Bank has a minimum credit score requirement of more than 650 for a certain type of loan when the actual program guidelines only require a credit score of 620. You may wander into another bank that will fund loans with a slightly lower credit score, but are stricter on their debt to income ratio requirement.

As such each bank has their own criteria based on their comfort zone and what they like or don’t like. As a consumer, it’s impossible to know upfront what this criteria is.

While I can never guarantee the certainty of obtaining funding for a mortgage. I certainly have more options available to me as an experienced mortgage broker. I have constructed a diverse network of banks to choose from when deciding where to place your loan, I look for the lender that is the best fit for your particular scenario. If that lender denies the loan due to something that gets uncovered during underwriting, without missing a beat I either repackage the loan or move it to a different lender that doesn’t have a problem with whatever the issue is.

This ability to move quickly from one lender to another results in timelier fundings while at the same time while still obtaining competitive rates and terms for my clients.

The real secret of my success, however is that I don’t take no for an answer very easily. For me, no means not now or maybe or find another way. It’s the beginning of the conversation, not the end.