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Schedule of Classes 

The following classes will be availbale in Bend and Redmond.  Please register since I'll be providing student handouts. I'll also be adding to the titles as time goes by so don't see anything you like? Check back here often for a preview of new topics.

Credit Scoring and the Influence of Advertisers 

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Redmond Library  - Saturday May 11th at 8:30am

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Redmond Library - Saturday May 11th at 8:30am
Have you ever wondered why your score sometimes goes up or down even though you’ve paid all your accounts on time and no new credit data is reported?

In this 90-minute class we’ll discuss the following:
  1. Strategies for keeping a great score
  2. What makes up a credit score at a deeper level
  3. Common mistakes consumers make that negatively impact their credit score
  4. How the NCAP has helped consumers
  5. How advertisers have influenced your acceptance of credit and buying decisions

Your credit score is like a photograph. It’s a snapshot of your credit situation at one particular moment in time. And just like a photo, the quality of it depends on where you are that day, who’s taking the photo, why they’re taking it, and what kind of camera they’re using.

Standardized credit scores have only been around since 1989 when the Fair Isaac Corporation devised the first credit-scoring algorithm. This credit scoring model — called the FICO® Credit Score after the company’s name — standardized the process of credit diagnostics, and quickly became the industry standard.

Come join me for this complimentary class.

Where: Multi-Purpose Room - Redmond Public Library
Date:  Saturday, May 11, 2019
Time:  8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Handouts will be provided!