Tracia Larimer
Mortgage Broker 

NMLS# 1507306

Bend, Oregon

Azara Mortage, LLC
A Larger Toolbox Gives Me More Ways To Say "YES"!

Helping You Find the Right Mortgage For Your Lifestyle and Needs

Are you seeking a competitively priced mortgage but want a personalized approach?
 Are you tired of the instability of renting and wonder how you can own your own home?

Is your credit card debt keeping you up at night?

Have you been told you don't qualify for a conventional home loan?
This easy-to-read book helps home buyers to avoid the pitfalls that can result in potentially higher interest rates or negatively affect the approval process. 
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 A Wealth Building Tool
The All in One Loan
What if there was a faster way to pay down your mortgage?

What if there was a way to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest you could then use to solidify other areas of your financial future? Well, now there is, with the revolutionary All In One Loan.

You see, unlike a traditional mortgage that charges you interest up front, the All In One Loan is designed to apply payments to your loan principal first. By doing so it reduces your balance faster and saves you thousands of dollars in valuable interest. More

Click on the interative simulator to test drive the All In One . 
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Having a larger toolbox gives me more ways to say YES!
Through my large network of lenders, I am able to offer a diverse array of loan products and terms from my mortgage  toolbox - conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA USDA and non-conforming loan products.  I can do it all. 

Even better, with access to more lenders and loan products, I can often say yes when other banks say no.

And unlike banks, credit unions and correspondent mortgage lenders, I don't get paid more based on the loan type or interest rate. So it's always about you, all the time. 
With more than 20 years of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge to every transaction. It’s this experience that allows me to approach each mortgage application from not only a strategic perspective but with an understanding of the underwriter’s mindset.

Even if you think you can’t qualify for a mortgage – give me a call anyway.

You may discover I have a loan program that will be a good match for your situation.
Besides I love a good challenge when it comes to helping my clients.